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Anne & David – Newport, RI

LOVE LOVE LOVE our wedding favors! Our personalized packets of Muriel’s famous chowder were a hit, and the perfect fit to match our quintessential Newport feel at the wedding reception. This is the most unique way to tie your location in to your special day in Newport – and give your guests a useful (and delicious) parting gift. They’d be great in Welcome Bags too! Thank you so much Newport Chowder Co for completing our day! 

– February 2019

Amanda – Attleboro, MA

Just WOW!! An absolute must try. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. From the mouth of my picky 16 year old son “Mom, this is the best chowder I’ve EVER had”. I will definitely be ordering more!

– February 2019

Gena – Portsmouth, RI

The taste is AMAZING! Easy to make. A great way to share the “Newport experience” with friends and family. I will be making it for Easter and giving a favor to each guest to make their own Great hostess gift. 

– April 2019

Newport Chowder Coompany

Bruce/Kristine – Portsmouth, RI

We are/were a clam chowder family.  Muriel’s Newport chowder is the best seafood chowder we have ever had.  Cooking was very easy.  The hardest part was waiting the 20 minutes till it was done.  We used shrimp, crab and scallops a little extra of each.  We now have our go to dish for our gatherings.  I can not wait to bring this up to my Mom for our family cookout.  The secret potion is truly magical.  Now I know why she is in the seafood Hall of Fame.

– May 2019